Foods For Your Brain Power

Make your brain more strong and healthy with some natural foods.These foods protect your mind from diffent kinds of mind disorders like memory loss,short time memory,alzheimers etc.


beet for mind health

Beet is very good option for make your mind healthy and strong.Beet increases blood flow to the brain in older people, a finding that suggests the dark red vegetable may fight the progression of dementia.Beet roots contain high concentrations of nitrates and nitrites help open blood vessels in the body, increasing blood flow and oxygen to places lacking in oxygen.

almonds for brain health
Almonds contain the mineral zinc that is known to keep up the functioning of your immune system. Zinc is also an antioxidant that fights the free radicals in your bloodstream.Almonds are also fully loaded with nutrients like vitamin B6 which promotes brain health and vitamin E that slows down the ageing of brain cells that impact memory.

benefits of lentils

Lentils are full of brain-friendly B vitamin folate, which helps keep your mind sharp and strong as you age, thiamin and vitamin B6, which give your mind more focus and energy, iron, which is important for cognitive functioning in women during childbearing years, and zinc, which is said to be a memory booster.

cashews benefits

Cashews is the great source of  brain-boosting minerals, zinc and magnesium.Zinc is important because low levels of the mineral are associated with depression, and it may improve memory as well, while magnesium has been shown to help better regulate sleeping patterns and may improve learning skills.

fish for brain health

Fish is the best food for boost your mind power and also very good for overall health.Fish-eaters were less likely to have brain cells die off in the area of the brain responsible for short-term memory -- recalling a phone number that was just heard, for example.