Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

foods to avoid during pregnancy time

It is necessary to take proper care during the first trimester of pregnancy.Know more about the safety precautions for the first trimester of pregnancy right here.Avoid some foods during your pregnancy time,Check below:-
  • Caffeine - A strong stimulant and can have different effect on different individuals.According to long researches caffeine consumption by the mother is said to cause a premature birth and the baby weighs less than normal and they are also found to have a series of birth defects.
  • Alcohol - If the mother is addicted to alcohol consumption during pregnancy, the baby is risked to be born with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). In such cases, the foetus has an abnormally slow growth and is born with abnormal facial features.
  • Seafood - Some seafoods are good source of essential fat but  need to be careful while selecting the type of fish or seafood as they are known to contain a high amount of mercury and effect on baby growth and overall health.
  • Heavy Food - Avoid very heavy food like consume to much oil and fatty foods etc.