Tips In Case Of Cuts,Bleeding,Burns,Wounds,Accident

first aid in accident,cuts,burns

Here we discuss some quick and easy first aid tips in emergency.

Cuts & Wounds
  • Clean the affected area with cold water and wash with antiseptic liquid.
  • Dry the site.Apply antiseptic cream on affected body part.
  • Apply bandage.
  • Contact hospital or doctor immediately.

  • Elevate the injured part of body.
  • Apply direct pressure by a clean piece of gauze,handkerchief.
  • Apply bandage
  • Call doctor.
  • Soak the affected area with cold running water.
  • Apply some antiseptic cream on injured part of body.
  • Do not move the part of the body unless absolutely essential.
  • Contact the doctor or hospital.
  • Keep the affected part of the body in a position of maximum comfort.
  • Apply the crepe bandage to the affected site.
  • Dont move the part of the body unless absolutely essential.
  • Call the doctor.
  • Turn off your or other car engine.
  • Give warning to the other passing travellers.
  • Look for other injured on the site.
  • Start first aid operation.
  • Look for help from others if required inform the police and call the ambulance.