Irrfan Khan Battling From Rare Kind Of Disease

Actor Irfan Khan is battling a rare disease. He himself has shared this story through social media, after which all the Bollywood stars have been praying for him.

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Irfan Khan got into a rare illness, Bollywood family has prayed for his long and healthy life. This rare disease was revealed by Irfan Khan himself. Irfan, while issuing a statement on Monday, said that a rare disease has erupted in his life. He said that he would give it after detailed information.

Irrfan Khan Battling From Rare Kind Of Disease,name of irfan khan disease

Actor Sunil Shetty said, "It does not matter if there is a disease, I have full faith that you will come back as a hero. Our best wishes are with you.

Irfan's most childhood is spent in Jaipur and Tonk. His father lived in a village near Jaipur in Rajasthan, while his mother Begum Khan was from Hakkim Family of Tonk. From childhood he had a lot of desire to hear stories. Irrfan explains, The house of my skull in Tonk was near the cinema, so near that the walls of both of them got together. When we used to go there in the holidays, he used to call us the ticket checker and get entry in the hall. "
irfan khan bollywood.Irrfan Khan Battling From Rare Kind Of Disease

Irrfan's film journey has not been so easy, even at one time it came when Irfan started thinking about leaving the act. Talking about his early days, he said, "I was bored with the films I was getting at that time. It was not that I was not getting the job but I was not very happy with what I was doing. But then, in 1999, I received Star Plus's Star Star Besstals offer, after which I got a good offer after one. After this I had received the International Project 'The Warrior'.

Recently, he issued a statement on his social media accounts and informed that he is suffering from a rare disease, which doctors are trying to detect.
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