I want to buy a printer for home and office use,but confused ,please help.

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Not a very big task but before buying a printer some points to be figure out.WhatNextBuddy tells you what things should be considered before buying a printer.Firstly ask yourself some basic questions like :-
  1. How many prints would you take a month?
  2. How many of them would be in colour?
  3. Do you have multiple PCs at home?
  4. Are you okay with getting printouts and photocopies from a shop?
  5. Do you know that you can send an email to your printer and it would print?
Laser Printers - These need to be considered if high volume are required.Print cartidges prices are diffrent according to use and colour format.Currently entry-level laser printers costs about 5000 and above depend on printer functions etc.

Inkjet Printers - This is the most common printer family.It is difficult to compare with various inkjet printer models but the moment you start looking at a printer needs to print over 200 pages a month,specifications such as print speed and size of the paper tray become important.Most inkjet printers are colour capable.

USB,Ethrenet or WI-FI - If you plan to connect only one PC to the printer,a USB printer is the best option for you and if you want to use multiple computers on one printer,a networked printer is a better though costlier option.

To - e - print,or not to e - print - This can work if have a networked printer with your home broadband working and everything powered on.Of course you may get some nasty surprises when you get home like a paper jam,no printout or worse several sets of printouts.

Camera-friendly printers - Some printers support a USB port that says (Picbridge) or camera ready.This basically means you can hook up your camera directly to the printer via USB and print an image from the camera directly.

All in one printer - Yes all in one means scanner,fax,printer.Why have seperate machines for each function when both inkjet and laser printer variants provide all features,even if you already have a scanner,it would not hurt you to have a backup device.