Follow Simple Tricks And Save Petrol

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With the skyrocketing petrol prices,travelling has become very expensive.Though this is not in our control but we can certainly save the oil that will help us save money.Here we point out some tips which can save the petrol in the cars as well as scooter and bikes.It includes getting more mileage from the vehicle.These tips will surely save money and petrol both.
  1. Soft on race pedal - Put your foot softly on the race pedal while driving the car.If you will put your foot hard on the race pedal,your vehicle consume more fuel.
  2. Less drive less petrol - Instead of going nearby in a car you  can use bicycle or prefer to walk.
  3. Check tyre pressure - Make a routine checking of tyres pressure as well as wheel alignment and balancing.
  4. Timely car servicing - Always service and repair your vehicle on time.Dont delay it needlessly.It increase the fuel average as well as the life of the your vehicle.
  5. Choose short routes - For this tip,the indians are favorites.Choose the route which has less traffic as well as is short in distance.
  6. Buy a more fuel efficient car - One always thinks about the fuel option before buying a car,but if you have a petrol car which is giving less mileage you can convert it into CNG/DIESEL/LPG.They gives you more average and is less expensive.
  7. RPM Meter - There is an RPM meter in almost all the cars and in some bikes as well.Do you ever look or pay attention to RPM meter? It should not go beyond 2 while driving or riding the vehicle.If it goes change the gear in upper mode or go soft on accelerator pedal.
  8. Do not use clutch too much - If you use a manual transmission car,which is mostly used by people in india,do not press the clutch while driving.Use clutch only when it is needed.