Can A Brand Label Boost Your Performance?

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As all we know that designer branded things are more expensive than non-branded products but what you think are they really better??According to a study in the 'Journal of consumer research' found that even if they dont perform any differently,branded products can provide a psychological boost that impacts how successfully you complete both workplace and sports based tasks.During one test,participants were asked to test a new golf putter.All the participants used the exact same model of putter but one half of the participants were given putters that featured NIKE branding while the other putters had no branding.Those who believed they were using NIKE putters performed 20 percent better even though there was no difference between the putters themselves.In a separate test participants taking a math test were given earplugs,which they were told would help them concentrate.Half received earplugs that were branded 3M,while the other half were non-branded.Again those peoples who believed they were using the branded products performed better.