Top Indian Restaurants In The USA

Hello every one today we tell you about some Indian restaurants in USA that are best indian restaurants in usa.

mysore woodland restaurant in usa

 Order the Mysore Royal Thali—a seemingly bottomless platter decked with soup, mixed-vegetable cutlets, samosas, three different curries, and much more.Vegetarian Mysore Woodlands holds its own amid numerous meat-centric neighbors like the Pakistani institution Sabri Nihari.

RASIKA Restaurants,Washington DC
rasika restaurant in usa dc

Rasika Indian restaurant of my acquaintance are the rices as fragrant, the breads as delicious, the desserts as compelling.Rasika offer Indian dishes like lobster pulao and an applejalebi beignet with cardamom ice cream, paired with creative cocktails.

PUNJABI Dhaba,Cambridge,MA
punjabi dhaba in usa

A pure punjabi dhaba roadside stall frequented by truckers in India, and this no-frills café is hardly a few notches above its namesake. Yet Punjabi Dhaba has long maintained a cult following among a decidedly non-trucker crowd in Cambridge—everyone from college students to hipsters to multigenerational Indian families.

Udupi Palace,San Francisco
best vegetarian restaurant in usa san francisco
At this authentic vegetarian mainstay with locations in San Francisco and Berkeley, patrons dig into a two-foot version that is nothing short of epic. Make room for side dishes like idlis (steamed-rice cakes), sambar, and uttapam (lentil-and-rice pancakes).


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