How Protect My Bank Account From Cyber Criminals

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As all we know using online and mobile banking is become a very important part of our life and yes this is true it plays a very vital role for us and make life very easy and fast.You can do anything in few minutes on your small fingures tips like paying your electricity bills,phone bills,online shopping etc , but the big question what precautions you take in online banking from cyber criminals and hackers who hack your accounts and clean your bank balance in few minutes.

Below we list some tips for protect your online transactions or bank account from online hackers.
  1. Never disclose your account details to any one like passwords or username.
  2. Never note your bank account details on paper or dairy etc try to memorize.
  3. Remember bank never ask your account login details so dont tell to any one.
  4. If you are received any call or mail regarding your card is block,your account is block or you win cash price please never respond.
  5. Memorize you CVV number,this is 3 digits number in back side of your card,remove or scratch the number and memorize it.
  6. Always contact registered customer care centre of bank.
  7. Always enable your online account security system like OTP password,message alerts etc.
  8. If you miss your card any where then block your card immediately call bank customer care and block the card.
  9. Before login in your online bank account or net banking check the bank site name very carefully (Domain Name) with https bar,because cyber criminals make same site as bank site with another domain name and when you login on fake site you loss your all money.So check the spelling of domain very carefully,HOW? For example real bank site domain is onlinesbi,com and cyber criminal make very minor change in the name like and make fake site,many users cant notice this change and login on fake website,Result - Big Loss.
  10. Always login in HTTPS Sites,mostly all bank sites are protected by HTTPS green colour bar means you are on safe and genuine website.
  11. Use anti virus software in your system.
  12. Always login on your personal laptop,pc avoid other system specially cyber cafe.
  13. Change your net banking account password after every 2 weeks or months.
  14. Always build strong login password,using special characters,captial letters,digits etc.
So friends these are some tips for protecting your bank account from cyber criminals,share this article more and help others.