Brave Indian Soldier Sailesh Gaur

indian army

Countless Salutes to mr Sailesh Gaur commando of our indian army  who was deployed along with 11 others outside the Mechanical Transport wing of the Pathankot airbase.The commandos chief, Gurusevak Singh and Sailesh Gaur, were in the front playing hide and seek and firing at the terrorists. In the process, Gurusevak took in three bullets but went on forging ahead. Despite taking three bullets and profusely bleeding, Gurusevak couldn’t go much farther away and passed away.Sailesh Gaur continued the fight and never gave up even after getting hit by half a dozen bullets in his lower abdomen. Even while being injured badly and bleeding profusely Mr Sailesh never left his position and ensured the terrorists are kept at bay away from the technical area where the IAF’s fighter jets were kept.