Kadi Patta (Leaf Cody)

health benefits of kadi patta

Kadi Patta also known as leaf cody or curry leaves has been used in different forms for many centuries, but now these leaves are commonly used as a spice ingredient in most of our dishes.It is considered as a natural alternative to fight quite a few human diseases.You can store the fresh leaves in refrigerator for more than a week. Some people also like to use dried curry leaves in their recipes, though you will not get the same flavor with them.

Health Benefits Of Kadi Patta
  • Good For Diabetic Patient - Kadi Patta control your diabetes level,it is hundred percent natural.Include kadi patta in your daily meals.
  • Improve Eyesight - Use fresh kadi patta leaves in your diet and improve your eyesight.
  • Control Cholesterol - Kadi Patta helps in decreasing blood sugar and Cholesterol level from your body. Eat these leaves with your breakfast juice. Follow this practice every other day and see the results in next few weeks.
  • Weight Loss - Kadi Patta digests food quickly and reduces unwanted fats from your body.Since Kadi Patta is known for metabolism improvement, it will automatically help remove toxic/unhealthy contents from the body.
  • Anemia Prevention - Anemia can be prevented by daily consuming curry leaves(Kadi Patta), as it’s also a good source of Iron.
Hair Nourishment - Kadi Patta is very good for long and strong hair.How you can make it home..
  • Heat oil (4 teaspoon) in your Tadka pan and add fresh curry leaves (7-8 nos.) in it. Let them turn black.
  • Switch off the flame and remove the leaves using spoon.
  • Cool this oil on room temperature for 30-35 minutes.

Apply this oil on your hair and gently massage before bath and remove from shampoo after 1 hour.